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A Little About Me ...

My name is Dianna, your fitness professional.


My credentials include the following:


1. Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science 

from Kennesaw State University

2. Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Nutrition from the University of Georgia



1. NASM Certified Personal Trainer

2. AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

3. CPR/AED Certified

4. Certified CDC Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach

A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy mind and a healthy body. Over the past 12 years, I have been navigating my fitness journey. I have tried every fad diet that promises results in two weeks. I have attempted every cookie-cutter Pinterest workout, and every "juice cleanse" you can find! Through my years of education and trial and error, I've learned health and fitness are not a one size fits all. Every individual I help receives an individualized plan based on personal goals and needs. Each individual is beautiful and unique, and every program I create should match.

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