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Hello everyone, my name is Zoe Pagomenakis. I have been working with Dianna for over a year & a half & had the privilege to enjoy her training services! Dianna not only has so much knowledge about health, she knows exactly how to incorporate that knowledge into everything she does for her clients. I have enjoyed learning through her & have become so confident in myself & the relationship I have with the gym & food. My mentality has taken a full 180 with Dianna as my coach, & I couldn’t be happier with the position she has set me in in order for me to be successful. Dianna sticks to the basics & makes reaching goals seam effortless with her constant encouraging words. She gives me all the tools & information I need to attain my goals & see the progress I’ve worked so long & hard for. I honestly don’t know where I would be mentally & physically without having picked Dianna as my coach when I did. If you are struggling with confidence in yourself or have a rough time finding that balanced relationship with food, do yourself a favor and let Dianna into your life now! She will change your outlook on your life in ways you would never imagine. I’m so thankful for such a smart, encouraging woman to be the one guiding me through the best, yet hardest journey of my life; making it easier every day!

Zoe Pagomenakis

Before working with Dianna, I was scared to lift weights and mainly focused on cardio and ab work. I had an eating disorder that warped my relationship with food, my confidence and frankly I was the end of my rope. I tried multiple fitness Instagram coaches’ online challenges and generic monthly programs… and my body still wasn’t responding. Hiring Dianna as my coach was genuinely the best decision I have ever made. She has gifted me with all the tools I needed to mentally and physically overcome my irrational fear of lifting weights, and 24/7 support and encouragement and knowledge that I can continue to carry with me past our professional relationship. My program is unique to MY goals and continue to evolve with my lifestyle. Her check-ins keep me motivated and inspire me to push myself to be the best version of ME! Thank you MiniButMighty for changing my life and helping me to find the beauty in loving my journey.

Carly Johnson

Like many other women my age, I have struggled with my body image from a very young age. I had such a unhealthy relationship with my body that I was completely unaware of the extent until I started having minor seizures due to a lack of carbohydrate intake. When I realized the underlying cause, I immediately changed my eating habits. Unfortunately, I still didn’t feel healthy or confident because I still wasn’t eating a balanced diet. When I came to Dianna, she accepted me with open arms. Within weeks I started feeling healthier and more energetic. Three months later, for the first time in my life, I feel confident in my body, and it has completely changed my attitude about working out and healthy eating. It’s not a chore or this terrible thing you have to do, it’s a lifestyle that incorporates into your life. Not only that, but you get a friend out of it. Dianna is one of the most caring coaches you will have the opportunity to work with and is always checking in to see how you’re doing. She cares about your mental and emotional heath in addition to physical health, which is a rare quality. This experience has been life changing and, as cliche as it sounds, it’s true

Tyler Smith

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